All you need for pastry and

catering decoration 

Edible product, containers, packaging, raw materials,etc.

Productos Artipas
Who we are


We are a Spanish company that has been fabricating and distributing products for cake decorators, both amateur and professionals, since 1998. 

In our website you can find from raw materials, tools, cardboard to ready for use products.

Artipas Pastelería
Decoration, tools, raw materials, cardboard... 

In Artipas we have endless items for the pastry chef and the amateur. We have everything you can imagine.

Artipas hostelería
Cutlery, cups, plates, trays, etc.
We do not think only in cakes, we also care about how to serve dishes and desserts for catering!
Catálogos Artipas

The best way to know our products is having a look at our catalogs and discovering the amount of items we have.