Flores de azúcar, toppings de gelatina, azúcar, chocolate, surtidos de colores, perlas y cristales de decoración.



Figuras para boda, comunión y bautizo. Amplia variedad de estilos y acabados. 



Envases para delivery o take away. Tenemos una gran colección biodegradables y ecológicos. 

What is Artipas?

We are a company that since 1998 manufactures and distributes the products used by both amateur and professional cake decorators. On the Artipas website you will find everything from raw materials to cardboard, through tools and ready- to-use products.

Artipas Pastelería
Cake shop
Decoration, tools, raw materials, cardboard, ...

At Artipas we have endless items for the pastry chef and hobbyist. Everything you can imagine, we have it.

Artipas hostelería
Cutlery, glasses, trays, plates, etc.

We not only think of cakes, but also of dishes and desserts for catering!

The best way for you to know what we have is by taking a look at our catalogs and discovering the amount of items we have.